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The Corn team, a group of small town footballers, are wandering.

Life on the run from the Preacher and his posse of zealots has been hard on our heroes. The team’s Quarterback, Bill Oolie, convinced his teammates to leave town and save a young girl named Nancy from the clutches of a powerful Preacher, but after a year of travel and with no end in sight, signs of strain are beginning to reveal themselves.

We catch up with our heroes in the city where they’ve been hiding for the last few months in a ramshackle shelter; a dim, depressed reflection of their former hideout. The walls are thin, urban debris litters the landscape, and Oolie and his crew struggle to maintain their identities and their hope in this new environment.

They adorn the place with photos, trophies, newspaper clippings and anything else they managed to take with them but it just reminds them of their former glory, of everything they lost. And besides, with the Preacher and his minions always one step behind, they won’t be staying for long.


Nancy is a young girl lost and bound between two worlds.

Her mother, the Great Crow, died bringing her into this life and the King of Sea, her father, hunts her hoping to eliminate the threat to his crown. She was raised by seals, nursed on their milk and taught in their ways. Her name is Nancy and, though she doesn’t yet realize it, she has power rivaling a god. A man called the Preacher foresaw this and now seeks Nancy’s power for his own.

The star quarterback of the Corn Team, Bill Oolie, was sent to recover Nancy but when he found her he saw an innocent young girl about to become another casualty to the Preacher’s devious machinations. Bill took Nancy from her home, and with his teammates, decided they would flee the Corn Alliance and the Preacher.

Now, having left town over a year ago, the team now struggles for survival in an unforgiving world.


The physical make up of these characters remains static. The settings that we find them in, the objects that they may possess, and their overall motivations are constantly being influenced by artists projects. These characters are tools that are available to artists and create the basis for our collaborative work.

The Corn Alliance
The Alliance is a group of religious extremists guided by their charismatic Preacher. Corn is the symbol of their faith and in their society the act of farming is a form of religious expression.

The Preacher
Having rejected his family, the Preacher established the Corn Alliance. Using his oratory gifts he manipulates and controls the populace with threats and prophecies. When the Preacher becomes aware of Nancy’s power he attempts to harness it for his own agenda.

The Corn Team
The Corn Alliance has a football team. The Preacher uses the team as a propaganda tool until the his obsession with Nancy turns the team against him. They leave the Alliance and find themselves fleeing for their lives and Nancy’s.

Bill Oolie
Bill Oolie is the Corn Team’s quarterback and hero of our story. Raised by the Preacher, Oolie’s true past was hidden from him and he was brainwashed by Alliance propaganda. After the Preacher’s prophetic vision of Nancy, Bill is sent to find and retrieve her but his journey leads him to question his faith. Oolie returns defiant and refuses to hand over Nancy. He renounces his faith and is excommunicated from the Alliance. The rest of the football team chooses to follow his lead.

Justice Marosa
Justice Marosa is Oolie’s second-in command who sports both a powerful build and personality to match. He is militant in his thinking and keeps the other players in line in Oolie’s stead.

Will Cody
Will Cody is a wiry loner with a quick wit and a calm disposition.

Edgar Nash
Edgar Nash; a soft-spoken country boy, cultivated quite a reputation as an amateur P.I. before he settled into his place on the Corn Team. He also wrestles alligators and other pests.

Brooks Sheffield
Brooks Sheffield is a ladies man... but his heart is in the right place.

Bruce Shaw
Bruce Shaw grew up in the Corn Alliance and his father was a farmer. He is the token fat guy who always comes through in the end.

Leon Pave
Leon Pave, the team’s kicker, is like the dude from the “Aliens” movie who cracks a lot of jokes, but when the shit hits the fan he is a complete coward.

Nancy is a young girl with blonde hair. Though unaware, the power of both her mother and father are united within her. She is the heroine of our story. With the death of her mother and an angry father searching for her, Nancy meets Bill Oolie and welcomes his kind protection.

The King of the Sea
The King of the sea, Nancy’s father, is the most powerful creature in the ocean. He is green, miles long, and resembles an enormous serpent with the torso and head of a man. He is self-centered, lecherous, materialistic and ultimately lone- ly. He sees Nancy as a threat to his kingdom.

The Crow
The Crow is godlike in size, alone and stranded on a desolate beach. She dies giving birth to Nancy.