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"Calamity & Ruin"

Chris Wawrinofski

Nathan Wellman

Setphanie Goode

Summer Wheat

Arthur Henderson

Fionn McCabe

Matt King

"Blank Land"

Emily Link, "Wicked Words" detail

Michelle Matson, "Permanent Nancy" detail

Bill Dunlap, "Religious Zealots" detail

Sam Gibbons, "In the Garden with Nancy." detail

Stacy Scibelli, "Hollywood Babylon"

Nick Rodrigues, "Breathing chip bag with lung" detail

Courtney Moy, "Cigarettes and Oolie burger wrapper" detail

Katie James, "Warrior's security blanket. Carried religiously since childhood. Contains one pebble
from every field he ever won a game on, among other things." detail


Arthur Henderson, "Nota Prop"

Nathan Wellman, "An Example of Play"

Jared Steffensen, "Untitled" (wood pile)


Arthur Henderson, "Our Bright Prophet"

Nabila Zoraya Santa Cristo,

Nathan Wellman, "The shrines of Anderson Little" detail


Allison Barr and Tj Nelson, "The many faces of Bill Oolie"

Michael Ryan Handley, "The Hills"

Jared Clark

Alexander Demaria, "Born in corn"

Abby Webster, "Fivefold Path"

Leslie Shershow and Alison Layton, "Championship Rings" detail

Fionn McCabe and Keppie Coutts, "Corn Mosaic"

Alan Betts, "Untitled"

Daniel Szymanowski

Katie James, "Shrine to Helmet George" detail