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Wait, wait... What is Oh Nancy again?

Oh Nancy seeks to bring creative people together around a common narrative as a means of generating dialogue and building collaboration. Oh Nancy uses this narrative as a way to allow artists from all backgrounds, in any age group, and working in all media to participate.

That narrative incorporates quintessential American institutions and mythologizes them, creating a surrogate universe in which participants address real world issues.

Artists, musicians, and performers are invited to create works that add to the narrative and expand the Oh Nancy universe. Each new exhibition and event builds on the stories and contributions generated by the participants from the last.

While Oh Nancy's events predominantly take the form of museum and gallery shows, the project also runs workshops, facilitates live performances, and organizes many different types of artistic collaboration.


Projekt 722, Brooklyn NY 2013
- "Calamity & Ruin" brought Oh Nancy back to the east coast, opening at Projekt 722 in Brooklyn in March of 2013. Oh Nancy's NY debut turned the spotlight back on the community of the Corn Alliance and how life had changed since the departure of The Corn Team.

Torrance Art Museum, Torrance CA 2012
- "Blank Land" was a collaborative show involving over 50 artists and explored urban identity crises, sacrifice, and heroism through the lens of mythology and American values.

Visual Art Institute, Salt Lake City 2010
- "The Hideout" brought teaching and exhibition practices together for the first time. Focusing on a specific moment in the narrative, over 35 artists contributed work as well as 25 VIA students making this Oh Nancy's largest project to date. The show included three large scale installations, live performance, video and sound work, painting, photography, and sculpture.

Visual Art Instutute Artists in Residence, Salt Lake City 2010

Gallery Diet, Miami 2009
- “Home Coming Stories” was the culmination of four years’ work by over thirty artists. Jewelry makers, photographers, sculptors, conceptual artists, and various other contemporary thinkers and object makers were showcased.

Fountainhead Artist Residency, Miami 2009

Indian Mountain School, Connecticut 2008
- Working with Oh Nancy artists for over two months, students of the Indian Mountain School created work that used the Oh Nancy narrative as a starting point. Encouraged to find aspects of the story they related to personally, they created work that both engaged them and broadened their knowledge of contemporary art making. The works created by these students profoundly influenced the direction of the Oh Nancy narrative.

Otherside Cafe, Boston 2007
- Oh Nancy worked with Boston based art collective Urban Monsters creating murals and installations within the cafe. Fashion designers showcased their newest work both on and off performers. Throughout the night audience members were encouraged to participate in narrative elements staged by the actors.


You can see pictures of some of these shows by clicking... HERE!!